Business - Video Content Producer

No. of positions - 1

Work Experience - 3-5 years

Why are we hiring for this role?

 No. Not because videos are the next big thing. Not because we want to push long-format heart wrenching videos on Mother’s Day. At Ather, we are building things that haven’t built before. In ways that haven’t attempted before. Assembling prototypes overnight, testing it out in the night, on the road, on the track on air strips, setting up factories, building new office, experience center, plunging the systems into water, brand campaigns, launch campaigns and tons of other exciting things. These are incredibly special moments. For us and our enthusiasts. And we really really want to capture these moments and share it with our friends out there. What’s a better way than videos? Small or big, videos to us are a critical element of our marketing plan and will continue to add value to our future owners even post that.


What will I be working on?

You will be solely responsible for the end-to-end production of videos. Before you start doing that,

  •  You need to immerse deep into the brand. Well enough to understand the finest nuances, our vision, philosophies, personality, tone and of course everything about the product.
  • Understand our go-to-market plan, the marketing calendar, and event line-up for the next 12 months
  • Develop a signature style for our videos

 And then you will get onto:

  •  Planning for all videos in the calendar year and work with internal teams to understand schedule and constraints
  • Create the brief for each project
  • Align with internal stakeholders
  • Brief external production partners, assist in executing the production, closely monitor post-production, ensure adherence to timelines and get the desired output
  • Keep an eye for opportunities to develop creative content
  • Shooting & editing quick 1-2 min videos
  • Capturing content on a day-to-day basis, quick shoots and edits for 2 mins if required.
  • Develop and maintain a digital content management system
  • Ensure consistent line-up of all videos for future use 


What kind of experience & skills do I need for this role AND what do we expect from you?

 On experience, the kind of videos you have created should talk for themselves. While we would prefer someone with an experience of 4-6 years, nothing stops us from shaking hands if you are damn awesome with your work.


Ideal experience would be working with the creative/planning team in an advertising firm or on the other side with a production agency. You could have also done great stuff on your own.


  •  Filmmaking is a different ball-game. Rolling out the creative video after video is no mean task. And if you have to make it happen, you need to be in love with the job. Like crazy levels.
  •  The “content” scene is pretty murky. There is tons of stuff out there. Consumer preferences are changing every day. You should have an eye to pick up trends, future opportunities and be plugged into the “video content scene”
  •  Ability to manage different production houses on project or retainer basis. Whoever comes onboard we see them as partners. You should have the ability to lead and manage one or two agencies and work with the in-house team in the future if need be. And that requires of clarity of thinking and excellent communication skills
  •  You should be able to think on your feet. Situations might change, things might not go as per plan. Quick decision-making skills are the only thing that can help you navigate through these instances. We will have quite a few of them.
  •  Basic photography, videography and editing skills are a must. Unless you have swum across the rough stream how can you lead others?
  •  The vehicle will get assembled in the day, will get tested in the city, you will have a marketing event the next day and so on. You should be flexible to execute productions across regular hours, locations and seasons.
  •  Extremely creative and bold to try the new.


What should I have graduated in?

 Any graduate.


How can I apply?

 Ya, resumes would be probably doing 10% of the work for this job. But if you want to add links to the videos you have created or some other ideas, that’s welcome. Do whatever you want.


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